How To Unblock Yourself From Whatsapp

By | August 28, 2023

WhatsApp has ended up one of the foremost prevalent informing apps, with over 2 billion clients around the world. It permits us to effectively interface with companions, family, associates and more.

In any case, in some cases you’ll discover yourself blocked by somebody on WhatsApp, which avoids you from informing them. Getting blocked can be frustrating, especially if it was a misconception otherwise you got to get in touch with that individual. Fortunately, there are many distinctive ways to unblock yourself from others on WhatsApp.

Why You Might Get Blocked on WhatsApp

There are several reasons why someone may have blocked you on WhatsApp:

  • You were sending too many messages or calling frequently, which annoyed them.
  • There was an argument or disagreement that led them to block you.
  • They wanted space from the conversation or relationship.
  • It was an accident or misunderstanding.
  • Their phone was stolen or accessed, leading the other person to block you.
  • As a precautionary measure in abusive relationships.

Regardless of the reason, being blocked prevents you from contacting that person until the block is removed. The good news is in most cases you can unblock yourself.

Ways to Unblock Yourself From Someone on WhatsApp

1. Ask the person to unblock you

The simplest way to get unblocked is to directly ask the person to remove the block. You can reach out to them through a mutual friend, social media, phone/text, or other communication channels you still have access to. Explain that you would like to resolve any misunderstanding and be unblocked from their WhatsApp. If it was an accident or rushed decision on their part, they may be willing to unblock you quickly.

2. Update your privacy settings

You can use WhatsApp’s privacy settings to control who can see your read receipts, last seen status, profile photo, and more. Updating these settings essentially makes you invisible to the person who blocked you. After a few days, ask them to unblock you since your account now has enhanced privacy. They may feel more comfortable unblocking you if certain account details are hidden from their view after the fact.

3. Create a new WhatsApp account

If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, any messages sent from your existing account will not go through. However, you can simply create a new WhatsApp account with a different phone number. Once your new account is set up, use it to get in touch with the person and request they unblock your original account. Do not spam them with messages, but politely ask if they can remove the block after verifying your identity.

4. Try WhatsApp web

An alternative way to reach a blocked contact is by using WhatsApp Web. Open in your browser and scan the QR code to link your account. This will reflect any blocked contacts from your mobile app. Try sending the blocked person a message via WhatsApp Web, as sometimes blocks on mobile do not carry over or apply on the web version. If the message goes through, politely request they unblock your main account.

5. Send a group chat message

If you and the person who blocked you share any mutual WhatsApp groups, you can use this to your advantage. While you can’t message them directly, try posting a polite request in a group chat you both are in asking the person to remove your block. Do not call them out publicly or spam the group. Simply say you would like to resolve the issue and be unblocked from their account. They may see your message and decide to open their block.

6. Try messaging from a different device

In some cases, a block on WhatsApp may only apply to the specific device it was implemented on. Try logging into your WhatsApp account on another phone, tablet or computer. Look for the blocked person’s contact and try sending them a message. If it goes through on that other device, follow up politely asking them to remove the block from your main phone number or account.

7. Request a block review from WhatsApp

For cases where you feel you have been unfairly or incorrectly blocked, you can submit a block review request directly to WhatsApp. Go to WhatsApp’s Help Center and contact them indicating you have been blocked but do not understand why. Provide any context and ask them to review the block placed on your account. If it was unwarranted, they may be able to remove the block after investigating.

Tips to Avoid Getting Blocked Again

Once you have successfully unblocked yourself, take care to avoid any further blocks in the future:

  • Give them space if they request it. Don’t immediately start messaging frequently.
  • Avoid spamming them with too many calls or messages.
  • Resolve any underlying issues or conflicts.
  • Adjust your communication style if needed.
  • Respect their boundaries and privacy.
  • Ask if they would prefer you message less or at certain times.

Being considerate and making small adjustments can go a long way. Having open communication will help prevent any misunderstandings that could lead to another block.


Getting blocked on WhatsApp can be inconvenient, but there are ways to get yourself unblocked again in many cases. Try reaching out through other channels, create a new account, use WhatsApp Web, message from different devices, submit a block review request, or post in shared group chats politely. If you do get unblocked, be thoughtful about your future communication to avoid further issues. With the right approach, you can get yourself off someone’s blocked list on WhatsApp.

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